New product introduction:J1MJ-200DS rough and fine integrated full automatic high efficiency turning unit


J1MJ-200DS rough and fine integrated full automatic high-efficiency turning unit is a CNC lathe developed and designed by Jinan first machine tool CO., ltd. Bench-marking industry. The machine tool adopts a 35°overall inclined bed structure and an integrated layout of fully enclosed protection. It is a dual-spindle two-axis linkage, high-speed, high-precision, high-performance precision CNC lathe, suitable for processing short-axis and disk-type parts. It can be widely used in the manufacture of automotive, motorcycle accessories, fasteners, valves, hardware tools, gas pipe fittings and other high-precision and complex parts. It is an ideal choice for the hardware machining industry.
New Features
●The machine tool is equipped with a full-automatic loading and unloading device to form a single machine automation line. A single person can manage up to 8 machine tools, reducing labor and increasing efficiency, greatly reducing labor costs, reducing operating steps, and improving the machine’s operating range and efficiency.
● The machine tool spindle uses a high-performance spindle unit with a maximum speed of 4000r / min and an accuracy of ≤0.003mm.
● The machine tool can process 10,000 pieces continuously, the outer circle beats about 0.02mm, Cpk> 1.33, and the equipment movement rate is more than 99%.
● The X / Z axis guide rail of the machine tool uses a high-rigidity innovative design, which can not only ensure the rigidity of roughing but also the precision of finishing, and can perform the rough and fine integrated machining.
● The machine tool adopts a dual-spindle and double-row tool holder structure. The spindles on both sides can process the front and back of the workpiece at the same time, and the workpiece can be automatically exchanged, reducing process flow, reducing labor, and improving work efficiency more than double. The X direction adopts a row knife slide structure with a stroke of up to 530mm. Up to 8 knife positions can be installed on each of the two slides.
● The machine tool has a compact design and a small footprint, which saves machine tool installation space.

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  • Post time: Dec-25-2019